Rent private jet

AF YACHT CHARTER company is born to meet the needs of all those people who, for business or any other need, want to optimize their working or leisure time. As today’s society teaches us, time is money, so if we start saving a little with a quick move, accessible at your times and places as close as possible to your destination, well let’s do it! The great strength of Private Jet chartering lies precisely in this. Another important note is that by flying with a private jet, you can have all the comforts that can embellish this event: from the catering offered, to the possibility of being able to sip a glass of champagne or sparkling wine offered to you.

Rent Helicopter

With this vehicle, you can be able to make quick trips between the various cities, avoiding city traffic, and all in absolute comfort. With helicopters you can also take off and land on predetermined platforms on the most modern skyscrapers, then directly to your destination, as well as on the various heliports scattered throughout the country. A very versatile, fast and extremely flexible means of transport, ideal also for traveling directly from the airport of arrival, with a private jet, to your final destination, airport, heliport or private platform.

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